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More About Me and Reiki

My introduction to energy healing was in the 1990’s. I was in pain with sciatica and couldn’t find an end to it.  I made an appointment with a spiritual healer called Don Greenwood and I remember exclaiming with surprise as I felt the pain easing in my leg during the treatment.  Don told me not to be amazed, as this was quite a normal thing, nothing magical, just normal, and something we could all access.  
The sciatica didn’t return and that healing experience firmly anchored my growing belief that we all have abilities within us that have been dimmed by life in our “modern” world.
Some years later in 2006, I became a Reiki practitioner, training in western style Reiki. I began by treating myself, family and friends – it felt so good to have a practical way to help, especially with children where Reiki provides  "first aid" solutions to deal with their everyday bumps and scrapes.  I then began treating client’s and volunteered with a local hospice giving Reiki treatments to patients. 
I first heard about Jikiden Reiki in 2018 and immediately felt drawn to it.  “Jikiden” means directly taught in Japanese, and Jikiden Reiki is unique in that it has not been influenced by other practices but remains true to the original teachings.  It is Reiki as it was first practiced before it left Japan, and the history behind it is fascinating, as are the results it can achieve.
I retrained in its discipline and am now a certified Jikiden Reiki Practitioner and Teacher. I continue to find wonderful fulfilment and healing with its authentic and simple approach. I have found keeping it original and simple works best for me.
I endeavour to live every day according to the Gokai – the five principles for daily life set out by Reiki founder, Mikao Usui. You will see them listed on my home page – simple in appearance, with a depth of meaning to be discovered.
In addition, Reiki has opened a spiritual path for me, as it has for many others, and my hope is that Reiki will continue to spread around the world, helping more people to find fulfilment in their daily lives, and also touching the lives of others.  
It feels natural when you find something special, to want to pass it along for others to explore.  Perhaps you will allow me to share some of it with you?

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