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I have recently finished the Shoden course with Jennie. Being an older student I was slightly apprehensive, but I had no need to be. Jennie is an excellent teacher, she delivered the knowledge with clear explanation, kindness and enthusiasm. I simply loved learning the history of Reiki and how the Jikiden Institute came about. It was very exciting to receive my Certificate. I felt quite empowered by it. I highly recommend the course, it's been a privilege to meet Jennie and experience her wisdom and teaching. Thoroughly looking forward to taking my Reiki practice further.


I started Reiki in July 2022. I have been suffering with chronic pain for a number of years. I have found sessions with Jennie wonderful. I have noticed a definite improvement in my pain. But the main benefit for me has been in my general wellbeing. I feel calmer, more relaxed and energised after my treatments, leaving me better equipped to cope with pain. Jennie is a confident, skilled practitioner who puts you at ease straight away.  I would highly recommend Jikiden Reiki to anyone ad especially with Jennie.


I thoroughly enjoyed my Jikiden Shoden training with Jen. Her teaching was very thorough and has left me with the confidence to offer Reiki as a treatment straight away. I loved her style of teaching which was visual and detailed, and she answered lots of questions before they needed to be asked. I now feel well trained, very informed and ready to start my journey with Reiki and help others heal with this fantastic modality. Thanks Jen for being inspirational and a brilliant teacher.


'The wonderful Jen borrowed an hour of my life and took it to a place where she softly imbued it with energy and calmness before gently returning it to me. So this is what relaxation is!'


'As a client for many years this type of Reiki has changed my life. The sessions have helped me to heal and bring a pause and calming perspective to my busy life as a working Mum.  Thank You.


'I very much appreciated my time and experience on the Shoden course with Jennie. The course and content were delivered well and thoroughly explained and Jennie always took time to make sure questions were asked and answered. I Ieft with a newfound joy in my Reiki practice. Many thanks.


'Thank you so much for the treatment today. I feel great! I have already recommended you to my friends. I plan to book in for another session soon.


I have just done the Shoden training with Jen, I really enjoyed it. It exceeded my expectations. Jen is very thorough and professional, friendly, approachable and a lot of fun! She is a natural teacher whose innate personality enhances the teaching experience. The entire experience has enhanced and deepened my knowledge of Reiki and I will be using Reiki in my everday life.  I am looking forward to returning for Okuden soon.


I am so grateful Jen. Booking an appointment for treatment relating to my back, I'm amazed at the overall effect of your treatment. A family situation which was causing anxiety eased during the  treatment and I had a brilliant nights sleep. I am looking forward to my next appointment.'


'Jen was welcoming, very knowledgeable and provided me with a wonderful experience. I felt comfortable to ask questions but rarely needed to as her explanations were clear and thorough. My Reiju experiences were wonderful. During practice Jen guided me, encouraging me to follow my intuition, be aware of my senses and to feel the energy. I am grateful that I have met Jen and that she has shared her knowledge and experience with me so I can help others. I recommend her training courses.


'I  started Reiki to promote healing in my body. I have severe eczema over most of my face and body and had been told that chronic stress was playing a large role in this. With Reiki I have noticed significant improvements in my skin and also my emotional wellbeing and energy levels. After the first few sessions there has been an unmistakeable feeling of happiness following each treatment. I wholeheartedly recommend Jennie and Reiki to anyone wanting to support their healing and overall  wellbeing.'


'I attended a Shoden seminar with Jen in April 2022 and totally enjoyed the whole experience. It was very professionally done with good explanations and I felt free to ask questions at every stage. I was amazed at all I learnt about the background and history of Reiki and it has given me a much greater understanding. There was a good balance of theory and time for hands on practice. After the third Reiju I felt a much deeper connection to all that Reiki is. I recommend to everyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of what Reiki is. I will be returning for Okuden.
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