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What you will learn

SHODEN is a Japanese word meaning 'first teaching' and is often referred to as Level One. Shoden is taught over two days and includes:


  • The giving and receiving of Reiju will be explained. You will receive three Reiju during Shoden and there will be a clearing of your own energy system. You may know it by the Western term of Attunement. 

  • An introduction to the Gokai, the five principles to help you live a healthy and happy life. Let them into your life.  Created by Mikao Usui they are simple on the surface, but you will find a depth of wisdom within them.  You will learn to speak the Gokai in Japanese, the language Usui Sensei formed them in.  He encouraged his students to chant these in the morning and the evening.  They remain highly relevant today.

Reiki is a form of self-care.  You will learn, and practice, how to give a treatment to yourself.  Regular self-treatment is an excellent way to maintain your own health and quality of life.


Once you can treat yourself, you will learn how to give a hands-on Reiki treatment to others, and how to finish that treatment with a technique that stimulates circulation in the body.


You will learn one Shirushi (symbol).  This is designed to give you some additional help when it is needed.


Working with Byosen.  This is a cornerstone of Jikiden Reiki and is usually developed over time. It is being able to read the body’s response to the Reiki energy given.  The body’s feedback system, that helps you give treatments that meet the needs of the person receiving Reiki from you.


An understanding of the body's own natural healing process – how it stores and disposes of toxins.


Some first aid practices that you will find helpful in everyday life to use for yourself and others when dealing with minor injuries. Particularly valuable in a family environment when treating children for the usual cuts and scrapes usually dealt with at home.


The history of Reiki and its founding members and how Reiki has developed, so that today it is practiced in every country throughout the world. You will take a dip into the fascinating culture of Japan.  A good understanding here gives you a firm foundation for learning and growing with Reiki.


Time is given for questions, practice and feedback so that you leave with the knowledge and confidence to change your life with Reiki.

2024 Shoden Courses - Upper Hopton

SHODEN is a Japanese word meaning 'first teaching' and is often referred to as Level One. It is taught over two full days from 10am to 6:30pm. It is an intensive course and students are surprised at how much they learn in a short period of time.  It is the beginning, and your knowledge grows with experience as you start to practice and your connection to Reiki deepens.


8th-9th August 

3rd-4th October 
29th-30th November 

If you need different dates, or a more local venue, please contact me to arrange this.


New Students         £260   

Repeat Students     £90    


If you need different dates, or would like me to travel to your area to teach, then please get in touch and we can arrange a course venue and dates to suit you.

Training materials and manuals are provided along with Certificates on completion of the course. There is ongoing support that continues long after your course has ended. Continuing teacher support and group meetings to help with your development.  As a Repeat Student you can attend training courses again to recap, and the support of a wider Reiki community is available. 

To book a training course/s click on the Book Here button below. Complete the booking form that opens - select the course/s you want to attend and submit.  You will receive a  confirmation email and a deposit of £50 then reserves your place.   The balance of the course fee is then payable four weeks before the course start date. 


Where circumstances prevent you from attending your chosen course, you can transfer to another course date with me or receive a refund.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it difficult to learn Reiki?
    Jikiden Reiki is a simple technique that anyone can learn. It is natural to us, and you will quickly know how to give effective healing to yourself and others. It is an intesive training and classes are kept small to allow the time and space to absorb and practice new skills, and for questions to be answered along the way. You will see how Reiki was founded and developed - so important for your growth and understanding of Reiki. You will be part of a group of like-minded people and new skills will be formed alongside new friendships. Both can last a lifetime.
  • What will I learn?
    Reiki opens hearts and minds. You will be introduced to new concepts and there will be a clearing of your own energy system. You will learn about the background of Reiki and its rich history. You will take a dip into the fascinating culture of Japan and even learn a little of the language as you connect with the Gokai. These are the five Reiki principles that are a guide to a good way to live each day. They appear simple but you will find a depth of wisdom within them. You start with Shoden (first teaching). You will learn about the body's own natural healing system and leave knowing how to give a hands-on Reiki treatment. You will have a healing system for self-treatment, and to use with family and friends, and your own clients.
  • What happens after Shoden - the first level?
    Once you have completed Shoden, there are further options if you want to continue learning. You can next take the second level of Okuden (deeper teaching). Here you are taught techniques that support people to make positive changes in their lives. A Seiheki treatment is helpful when people want to move away from habits they have formed. Some common examples are nail biting, fear of spiders, lack of confidence, stopping smoking and other addictions. Okuden also includes the giving of Distance treatments. When you have completed both Shoden and Okuden and gained experience of giving treatments you can take the teaching levels of Shihan Kaku and Shihan.
  • What is included?
    Quality content delivered with care and strong follow on support. Jikiden Reiki is taught worldwide and course fees are set for each country, based on its economy. This creates the same value around the globe. Repeating of all courses is offered at the Repeat Student rate. This is a commitment to your ongoing development long after your initial training has finished.
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