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Reiki and Relaxation

The health benefits of Relaxation are well supported and the deep relaxation that Reiki brings helps your body to heal better from damage caused by stress, injury or pain.  Natural healing is encouraged. There is relief from pain. Anxiety and stress are reduced. You will find that your thinking is clearer with stronger concentration, and better memory. Many people describe life as 'simply easier to manage' when they receive Reiki.

I have found Reiki to be a safe and effective complementary therapy that can be used in support of conventional medicine and other therapies. Reiki Practitioners do not diagnose conditions or prescribe or alter medication. If you are worried about any symptoms it is important that you consult a Doctor.

If you are new to Jikiden Reiki try to leave any preconceived ideas and expectations of Reiki behind you when come for your treatment.  Experience Jikiden Reiki for yourself.   I have given answers to some frequently asked questions below as a  guide.  If you need further information please contact me so that I can fill in any gaps for you.

Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed,            it means,
the damage no longer controls our lives.


Book Your

Save £5 per treatment when you book a group of three sessions.

To arrange your Reiki treatment click on the Book Here button.  Complete the booking form that opens - select your preferred date and time and choose an option of a 60 minute or 90 minute treatment.  


I will be in touch quickly to confirm your choice or offer you an alternative. 

90 minute treatment £45

60 minute treatment £35. 

What happens in a treatment?

My purpose during your Reiki treatment is to create a peaceful escape where you can de-stress, re-charge and boost your own natural healing abilities. We will start the session with a consultation and decide how to work together.  I will explain the process of giving and receiving Reiki and answer any questions you have.   Your treatment will be planned to  meet your specific needs. During your treatment you will lie on a massage style table, or sit in a chair if you prefer. It makes sense to wear clothing that is easy fitting and comfortable. I will place my hands on your body focusing energy where it is most needed, bringing a deep state of relaxation that stimulates your body's natural healing mechanisms.  It is your time to re-centre and find a balance within yourself.

What will I feel?

We experience most things in our own individual way and this holds true for Reiki. Some people experience the energy as warmth or tingling from the Practitioners hands, others  may not feel anything at all.  Your own experiences can change from one session to the next, just as your own mood and state of being changes from day to day.  The important thing is to know that whatever you do, or do not feel, does not affect the effectiveness of your treatment.  Reiki is a positive energy that works for your highest good.  At the end of a session people usually talk about feeling energised and about experiencing a level of deep relaxation with a profound sense of wellbeing. This effect of inner calm often lasts long after the session is over.

How many treatments?

Everyone is different and the number of treatments you need will relate to the issue you are working with and the stage you have reached in your healing.  Long standing issues generally require more time and if you have a chronic condition you will probably have found there are no quick fixes.   Reiki is a process and a course of treatments is generally recommended to facilitate the deeper healing often needed. At the beginning we will not know what the healing will bring or how long it will take.  The first step is to try a session and then decide on the best way forward for you. You can book a single 60 minute treatment for £35 or a 90 minute treatment for £45. Save £5 per treatment when you make a block booking of three or more sessions.

How can Reiki help me?

​Reiki  is self-care in that it encourages you to become aware of your own thoughts and emotions and to be active in improving your own wellbeing.  People come for help in a wide variety of situations, both physical and emotional, and many describe life as 'simply easier to manage' when they receive Reiki. Reiki brings about deep relaxation and in that relaxed state changes take place in your body - there is a slowing down of your heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure. Stress hormones reduce.  Muscle tension eases. Your immune response is boosted.  Mood, quality of sleep and mental clarity improve.  Chronic pain reduces and is more easily managed. You may feel a stronger balance within your body and a feeling of being centred with a sense of calm peacefulness that is helpful during times of high stress or when going through longer-term health challenges.

What people say  ......


As a client for many years, this type of Reiki has changed my life. The sessions have helped me to heal and bring a calming perspective to my busy life as a working Mum.


'I feel calmer, more relaxed and energised after treatments, leaving me better equipped to deal with long term pain.'


'I am amazed at the overall effectiveness of the treatment.  My back pain eased and anxiety reduced.'

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