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  Welcome, this is a wonderful time to explore more about Reiki!
It is 100 years since Mikao Usui found the special energy and established the practice of Reiki that has now spread throughout the world.  
 I give treatments and provide training in Jikiden Reiki, which is Reiki as it was first practiced in Japan all those years ago, without anything being added or taken away.
If you value tradition and authenticity, you will appreciate
Jikiden Reiki
If you have any questions, require any more information, I would be delighted to hear from you. 
You can complete the contact form or if you prefer to talk to someone, please give me a call.
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benefits of Reiki treatments and
 how to join a training course and learn a new skill.
I hope to meet you soon!

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3 Brendon Court, Upper Hopton,
Mirfield WF14 8HN, England, U.K.

phone or text to 07861 999091

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