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The Five Principles

'The secret of bringing happiness,  the spiritual medicine for all diseases.'

A Cornerstone of Jikiden Reiki

Presented by Usui Sensei these short principles have a deep significance.


Traditionally, Reiki Practitioners regarded them as their basic philosophy of life. They would chant them each morning and evening.

Usui Sensei recognised that if a person wanted to be healthy, they needed to take care of their psychological health along with their physical health. 


The Gokai are a cornerstone of Jikiden Reiki and remind us that Reiki touches every part of a person - mind, body, and soul.  

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Image by Aaron Benjamin

The Five Principles

Just for today

Do not be angry
Do not be worried
Be grateful
Do your duties fully
Be kind to others

Mikao Usui
The Founder
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