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If you are unable to attend for a hands-on treatment, you can still receive the benefits of Reiki with distance healing.

Enkaku (the Japanese name)  has really come into it's own during Covid, and clients have been amazed at the effectiveness of the treatments they have received via distance healing. 

Although you do not have the added therapy of touch, the benefit of not travelling to a practitioner has been the main focus for some people.

It sounds incredible to begin with and can be difficult to understand and accept, but experiencing is believing! 

I thought it was a little crazy, but soon discovered that when you are working with energy, anything can, and does, happen!

A treatment allows for the client to decide on a time when they can relax in a quiet environment and after I have given the treatment I will follow up with a call to discuss how things went.

It is your time so the treatment can be tailored to your requirements.

Enkaku is an ancient wisdom, or science.

I think of it now as I think of the modern technologies I accept as part of my daily life

- I don't really understand how many of them work, but I appreciate their value.

Single 60 minute treatment £30 

Group of 3 treatments £70


"There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy "
-William Shakespeare

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