Physical - Hands on Treatment

I have found that Reiki is a natural and safe energy healing system with nothing to harm you. 

Reiki energy and the power of touch, combine to promote a deep relaxation that allows the body the time and space to revive its own natural healing ability.

Stress and anxiety reduces and energy levels are boosted.

A strong sense of purpose and clear thinking is created, helping you to work with chronic illness, manage pain and support recovery after injuries or surgery.

Every treatment is different, and each person's experience is unique.

Each treatment is tailored to your individual needs.

A treatment is given with the client wearing comfortable clothing and relaxing on a massage/reiki table, or seated in a chair. 

I may start with a hands-on-treatment of the head, moving to other areas of the body as needed. 

The approach is relative to the issue being treated.

You can choose a 60-minute or 90-minute session. 

It is your time to rest, relax and allow your body to start its healing.

Oh! ...and..ENJOY!

One 60 minute treatment is £35 

Book a set of 3 treatments for £80 and save £25 

Book a set of 6 treatments for £150 save £60

One 90 minute treatment is £45

Book a group of 3 treatments for £110 and save £25

Book a group of 6 treatments for £210 and save £60